2017 BMW M4 CS Changes, Interior, Specs


2017 BMW M4 CS- The BMW taught us the balance of compromise. Not too hard, not too soft, not too big and not too small. And it's the approach taken by BMW with this the 2017 BMW M4 CS. A really nice balance between the well equipped and luxury nature of the M4 competition and the more hard edged track focused nature of the BMW M4 GTS.

2017 BMW M4 CS front three quarter

2017 BMW M4 CS Changes

So what's changed on the CS? We get this great carbon fiber vented bonnet that we saw on the GTS. There’s a new carbon fiber front splitter that is unique to this model. Also unique of the wheels 19 X 9 at the front and 20 X 10 at the back slightly thinner than you find on a GTS, and slightly smaller than you find on a competition. And they both wear Michelin pilot cup Sport.

2017 BMW M4 CS interior pictures

A lot of other elements are carried over from other M4 models the carbon-fiber one piece prop shaft and carbon fiber roof. Were retained, down the back is another cool new carbon fiber element.

2017 BMW M4 CS Colors

The colors too have been introduced with this model; San Marino blue and there's also Lime Rock grey, sticking to that M tradition of naming the colors after race tracks. The car gets the really cool 3D LED tail lights carried over from the GTS, but it maintains the sports exhaust system that we found on the competition.

2017 BMW M4 CS interior

2017 BMW M4 CS Interior

Let’s take a look inside. well up here it's not so much a matter of what you did, but what you don't. The 2017 BMW M4 CS is focusing on a lightweight more raw experience and even though the seats are carried over from the competition model are very light weight and insulated material are carried over from the GTS.

Also familiar to the GTS is Alcantara dash which has got the cool BMW CS branding. But you are missing out a lot of equipment if you're used to some of the other M4 models. There’s no reverse camera, it's a very basic setup no driver assists. But it makes a little bit more exciting and reduces weight so much, so that this is 30 kilograms lighter than a competition. What’s even better though is there's more power.

One of the big things about an M4 to make it feel like a driver's car is of obviously the handling. They are adaptive; they change whether they're in Sport, Sport+ or the comfort mode. Just being sharpened that little bit more than the competition to give the car a lot of stability in corners but a lot of comfort when you're in the touring mode.

2017 BMW M4 CS rear three quarter

And I think a lot of that can actually be attributed to the tires. The Pilot Sport cup to that very soft but it gives the car a little bit of extra compliance when it's in a touring mode.

2017 BMW M4 CS Engine

But one thing that's very apparent with the CS this is very much a more enthusiast level car. When you rev it out to sort of 5.500 to 6.500 rpm, the thing is all that noise and all the vibrations that come with it. His car does feel a little bit better, but that said we have either been pushing it very hard or taking it very easy. So time will tell on just how direct this car is compared to other BMW M4.

We do like what we see at the new 2017 BMW M4 CS. the car looks fantastic, it's much more balanced than the somewhat goofy and a little bit over the top GTS. It’s got plenty of power it's fun to drive. Read more 2018 BMW M760i xDrive v12 Specs, Horsepower, Review