2018 BMW M760i xDrive v12 Specs, Horsepower, Review


BMW brought us down here to Palm Springs to experience their new 7 series. But this isn't just any ordinary 7-series, this is the 2018 BMW M760i, the first time BMW M division has tuned the 7-series. it's a given that any seventh series will be luxurious spaces with enough set to launch a nuclear strike, because the M division really turn this to touch up so barge with sport sedan worthy of the repaired and badge. BMW wanted to prove that it is, so we're here at the thermal club to push the car to it's very limit on the track. After launching an all-new 7 Series last six cylinders, 8-cylinder and even a hybrid powertrain.

2018 bmw m760i front

This year it's time to break up the big car starting with this end soon twin-turbo 12-cylinder monster. Making even 600 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque, and with xDrive all-wheel drive that's enough to launch it to 60 miles per hour in 3.6 seconds. But anyone can stuff enough power into a big car and making launch event, will BMW M have become famous for its how their cars behave on winding road ranger. although it's a hefty easier if carbon for construction, minimizes wake up top with the use of layers of aluminum and carbon fiber in the pillars roof so that the cars weight is lower, benefiting handling and unfortunately despite being largely aluminum. The v12 engine up front pushes the weight distribution 254-546 rear. When you would normally want and even 50-54 slight rear by.


To overcome all the way BMW employees something called active roll stabilization. But we're biased xDrive rear-wheel steering, lightweight 20-inch wheels with Michelin pilot sport rubber and massive 90 minutes break. Basically all the tricks in their playbook. Well there is no escaping the physics of trying to change direction in a car way over two tons with teeny tiny little rubber contact catches. It all comes together to create a car that handles far better than it has any right to.

Dialed into sport mode, this steering is crisp and quick to turn in and firm through the long sweeping corners at surf. the body gradually leans away from foreigners the more aggressively you turning, the tires traveling for drip as the all-wheel-drive shuttles towards front to back. One notable absence in the AM 76 bag of tricks is torque vector, rear-wheel steering and the rear bias of the all-wheel-drive have launched a part of turns with the luring explosion of bus. Even its height slalom section 2018 BMW M760i changes direction smartly and built impressive feat for body roll in freaking tired technology

2018 bmw m760i interior

But eight-speed transmission is silky smooth and comfort mode out on the road. But in sport mode it fires off shift before you can suspect you might be in the wrong gear. It’s almost a real car drive on the track, technology overcoming that much mass, but despite all its capabilities on track, it is a road car version and that is where the range of abilities. Serene self-driving highway cruiser to black up and down mountain road only limits are your good sense autobahn cruising speeds child play, but even in tight winding roads the rear-wheel steering and all the drive on the corners and you're unlikely to find space to reach limits.

But chances are the 7 series even in this and performance model, to spend most of the time on highways and city streets. on the highway quiet and stable, adaptive cruise control and Lane Keeping Assist helping share the workload of smallest year and correction, cost throttle and breaking adjustment. And the long-range sensors work well eases off Speak you approach lower traffic. You can also adjust speak to local limits based on traffic sign recognition. The seat is adjustable in so many ways, heating, cooling and massage in addition to being supportive and comfortable. The backseat can be similarly configured with a flip-down foot rest and acres of legroom. Pathways a time in the back seat head rest screens offer entertainment options and various I Drive function controllable my tux or a handheld remote.

The front row i drive system is also touch spring operated, or you can use the knob or strolling and selecting with a little pad for handwritten input on the top. One of the novelties introduced in the 7 series to adjust your control with cameras detecting certain specific gestures. Swirling finger to raise or lower audio volume, swiping hand to accept a phone call and a two finger plug-in that can be set to a variety of different cups like changing radio station or activated through the guide to home.

2018 bmw m760i rear

Even the fog for the 7-series is pushing the tech on below with a little screen the size of an iWatch to control locking and light and even warming the car up before you get into it. Navigation is needed by real-time traffic information that will help determine the fastest route based on traffic conditions. Route guidance prompt aren't limited to the dash top screen though but rendered in great detail in the expanded full color head-up display. There’s no question that the 7-series is already an impressive accomplishment the reflection BMW dedication curious accommodations, technological advance and its groups as a driver. For 2018 BMW M760I is a pinnacle of the brand and brings a special character to this segment.

No it doesn't handle like an M4 on the track, feels responsible visceral as an old and three. or carbon canyon roads like an interview but it's not meant to be a full. And what is going to deliver is uncompromising state-of-the-art luxury with a spectacular soundtrack from that big furbling v12 and kind of everyday performance that BMW is offering with it M performance brands. Thanks for reading 2018 BMW M760i xDrive v12 specs, horsepower, review and read more 2018 Volkswagen Golf GTI specs

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