2018 BMW X3 Redesign and Changes


This is the new 2018 BMW X3. And what we can really see here is the new amount of presence, the boldness and the robust nature, blending with the sophisticated surfaces. So on this car have the new lights and double round headlamps from BMW.

2018 BMW X3 Exterior

2018 BMW X3 Changes

So this gives it a bit more technical feeling, a bit more modernity, brings it into the future. Also the new fog lamps much more horizontal, a bit more thin also giving it a very modern approach. The overall car now is standing very strong, race strong on the wheels, lots of power and then precise Lines on the hood with very flowing surfaces, that gives it the sophistication.

2018 BMW X3 interior cabin

The BMW have a range in the middle, and that really is nicely integrated among air intake details very fine and precise. Also on the X Line the 2018 BMW X3 have the underbody protection in the aluminum matte, and that gives it a bit more robust and rugged feeling. For the X Line BMW also have the M sports model and the M performance model and luxury Line for this car.

2018 BMW X3 Front Side

The 2018 BMW X3 on both the grille it’s bold. On the grill BMW have actually two layers of kidney bars. So the first layer the more forward, the more dominant layer is what we know a bit more technical shape and there's an inner layer if you look closely.

And what this does is increases their dynamic efficiency. The BMW down to a .29 which is the drag coefficient. That’s a benchmark that's best-in-class, and that's on par with the X1. And also the previous generation was a .32 so BMW dramatically improved the air on this car.

In the side view we can see the change in the proportion. The 2018 BMW X3 a bit more elongated on the greenhouse, a very elegantly stretched Windsor, and a very clean and simple Hofmeister kink. Also the wheelbase has grown by about 50 millimeters. And we can see the larger wheels lots of power on the front fender, lots of power on the rear fender and in between a very precise nice BMW shadow. Ending before the rear wheel and starting again afterwards really emphasizing the power on the wheel arch.

2018 BMW X3 Rear Three Quarter

The 2018 BMW X3 have a nicely core element and also very new modern technical wheel arches. On the rear BMW X3 have these very three-dimensional rear palin's which is quite new for this car. And as you can see it's a very precise signature instantly recognizable at night and I love the way that it picks up from the character Line, from the side and really continues that theme coming through.

2018 BMW X3 Front Three Quarter

So it's just natural that BMW start bringing that into the rear lamps. Also on the rear you're going to notice a very technical shaped rear glass. And this is one of those things that BMW introduced to help bring down the aerodynamic coefficient, the drag coefficient, and BMW got that down to 0.29 as we mentioned on the front. This is on all models, so it's extending the roof and it helps the aerodynamic efficiency of the car on the X Line, luxury Line and the M Sport basis model.

2018 BMW X3 in Motion

The double exhausts are on all models and they're completely functional and real. On the M performance model, will have a special exhaust design which is more rectangular and bit more technically cut in a similar shape to the wheel arches. Thanks for reading 2018 BMW X3 redesign and read more 2018 BMW 8 Series Concept, Changes, Interior


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