2019 BMW 8-Series Concept, Brand New Flagship Coupe


Of course, BMW will choose the 2017 Monterey car week to debut the brand-new 2019 BMW 8-Series Coupe and look at this concept it's just stunning. The sharp looking two-door is the future flagship coupe for BMW. Sleek and eye-catching this concept shouldn't be too far away from reality. Apparently, the small mirrors and large wheels will swap, out for something more practical.

2019 BMW 8-series coupe front

2019 BMW 8-Series Coupe Concept Revealed

But the interior will be designed and outfitted to do battle with the like of Aston Martin. Thanks to authentic carbon fiber and Swarovski crystal accents. And among all the cool dance and swooping bodywork this car has done up in a liquid gray paint finish, something that just sparkles in the California Sun. The 2019 BMW 8-series has gold brake calipers. And finally, we love that, and The overall shape still reminds me of the awesome 8-Series coupes from the 90.

2019 BMW 8-series coupe concept rear

BMW did some design work for the concept of 2019 BMW 8-series, and this is a beautiful layout and some of the things that historically that brought in and what's new?

First is the clear message of power and performance. And the first thing you notice is the silhouette of the car clearly from the side. The back in a super fair sporty no compromise proportion, this is something alive.

2019 BMW 8-series coupe side2019 BMW 8-series coupe side

The lights obviously are something that's also very exclusive to this car. You have the chance to get cool new technologies in headlamps technology.

If you had one thing that you have to pick about the 2019 BMW 8-series concept as your favorite. What would that look exactly that's absolute? You will notice they have very few lines on the body that only two. But they are precisely placed where they have to be.

2019 BMW 8-series coupe interior

on the rear fender and rear bumper give a powerful, sporty accent here which also going to have a very positive effect regarding aerodynamic.

Talk about the most important design element that's changed so much. When you look closer, then you'll notice BMW got rid of two short lines, got rid of the body color partition and bring those two elements into one and simplification purity reduction to enhance the character

Engine Specs and Price

So far we don't know how much this car will cost and when it will officially debut as a production vehicle. And we still don't know what's going to be under the hood. Although we have seen some 8-series prototypes running around the Nurburgring and of course among all of these exotics value has hit the mark with this brand new 2019 BMW 8-series flagship coupe.

2019 BMW 8-series coupe concept

So the 2019 BMW  8-series got a mixture of performance and like a Grand Tour for example. Obviously, you need a performance car obviously needs a lot of power. Physically means a lot of air right cool the engine. So obviously, they need some big air intakes.

2019 BMW 8-series coupe concept front

So the 2019 BMW 8-series is an absolute balance between performance, aggressivity, elegance, and luxury. So that's the duality of the car always bringing sportive on the one hand, with luxury and style on the contrary. We think what the BMW wanted to achieve here is existence but high. Read more 2018 BMW 520d Touring Interior, Specs and Price


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