2017 Buick Grand National GNX Release Date, Price


A high need of vehicle in this recent day actually makes many automotive manufacturers try to make various kind of vehicle in order to help people get their easiness in using transportation. For instance is car which is nowadays have been used by almost all people. Talking about cars, now Buick has its latest vehicle that is New Buick Grand National GNX 2017.

2017 Buick Grand Nationa front three quarter

2017 Buick Grand National Redesign

As we know that Buick itself is known as company which produces several luxurious cars and Grand National GNX is one of them. For those who like luxury car, it can be a good choice since the performances offered there. There are some redesigned parts in this car as well so that it is different from the previous car. Indeed the new concept brought in the car will male many people get something new from Buick. Thus what are the things which can be found here? Finding all the things about these New Buick GNX 2017 as below.

New Grand National 2017 Specification

As it is known that there is some new designs that can be seen in this new grand national car 2017. What are they? To begin with it is about the specification especially its engine used in the car. Since it includes in a luxury and high class car, the base engine is 2.0 L turbocharged inline 4. It can produce 270 hp and 280 of torque. For another engine provided is 3.6 L V6 engine that will produce 325 hp and 280 of torque. The 8 speed automatic transmission will be provided here too and then the fuel consumption is not too high even it is more efficient since it can reduces the fuel consumption about 20%.

2017 Buick Grand Nationa Interior

2017 Buick Grand National Interior

For the part of interior, you are able to find the modern touch inside it. The modern cabin which is in new style and redesign indeed can help many people to get their satisfaction in using this car. The seat and interior will be designed with leather. Added by interior features, 2017 Grand National interior becomes more attractive.

2017 Buick Grand Nationa Rear

2017 Buick Grand National Price and Release Date

After that, for further information relating to this New GNX 2017 there is about the exterior. The attractive design of it indeed can give some great things. Equipped by air system, it will help the car to improve its performance and be more powerful. Besides, the various colors offered can be other good things in which you can choose the color depending on your taste. If you are curious about the price and also the release date, actually there is no information from Buick until now. However, many people expect that this car will be launched in 2017 or 2018. That is why you need to be ready with it. Then for the price of 2017 Buick Grand National is about $27,990 up to $37,415. As a luxury car this price will be not too high actually. The price itself is still worth as well with all of the features offered. Last, if you are interested in buying this car what to do is you must be ready with your money, Thanks for reading Buick GNX review.

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