2018 Ford Raptor Price, Specs, Colors and Changes


On this review, we want to talk about the top update for the 2018 Ford Raptor model year. Now we have some information to give you guys about the 2018 model. The Ford Raptor this is the off-road pickup truck in the half-ton segment. Other half-ton pickup trucks offer off-road packages. Of course, but none go to the same lengths that we see. Ford go to when turning the F-150 into the Raptor when creating the Raptor.

2018 ford f150 sport blue in motion

The All-New 2018 Ford Raptor Changes

Ford did an awful lot more than just swap in some new tires and some new shocks. They did significant structural and body modifications to the F-150 to make this the most capable off-road pickup truck in America. It, of course, important to keep in mind that the Raptor is an off-road pickup truck, not a compact off-road vehicle like a Jeep Wrangler. So this information is not entirely official yet, so Ford has not announced that in a press release, but they have released several dealer guides, you know buying guides for people to order their Raptors.

2018 ford Raptor Front Three Quarter

So We're getting our information officiously, and number one on our list is new colors. So some colors are going away yet, and some colors will add to the new model. So what are the colors? And for 2018 for the Raptor the avalanche gray and Oxford White color is gone. In its place, there's now an another red because this truck particularly Raptor is a ruby red. There's going to be a magma red now coming which is more brilliant spicier red bright.

2018 ford Raptor Interior

But there are some other changes to the body. A lot of you guys have asked us, you know is it going to look the same as the 2018 F-150 that's going to be updated. In the front, the grill is staying the same, and the headlights are staying the same.

2018 Ford Raptor Engine

The engine is one thing that does not change. And this is the engine that's available in the 2018 Ford Raptor still going to be the 3.5 liters EcoBoost 450 horsepower 253 lb-ft of torque, with 10-speed automatic transmission return for the 2018 Ford Raptor model.

2018 Ford Raptor Price

The 2018 Ford Raptor is going to be a little bit more expensive, so I have some figures here for 2017 the Raptor starting price was for the crew cab $52.250. For 2018 it goes up about $52,770. And some of the packages are more expensive this truck has an to eight packets, which in 2017 retailed for $9.345 and give you a lot of luxury features.

You know the 2018 Ford Raptor has the heated and cooled seat leather. For 2018 this package is going to be $9.770, so about what four hundred dollars more.

2018 ford Raptor Rear Three Quarter

You must have known that Raptor is known as Sony premium audio system. Now the Ford is introducing now B&O premium sound system which is Bang & Olufsen brand by Harman Kardon. And it's not just going to be in the Raptor; it's going to be throughout their Ford lineup. So premium vehicles are going to get that B&O Play premium audio system.

So a fast update about the 2018 Ford Raptor and if we get any more information We will notify you, I have a feeling there'll be more coming updates.



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