2018 Mustang GT Horsepower, Specs, Changes


We want to welcome all of fans from around the world to a special behind-the-scenes sneak peek at the new 2018 Mustang GT. Mustang has always been about great proportions and great design, for 2018 Mustang taken it to a new level.

2018 mustang gt orange fury paint

2018 Mustang GT Changes

One of the big changes in the 2018 game is a 12-inch cluster, with this 12-inch cluster Mustang want to take the ability with the technology to make it easier to see and also easier to use. One of the features with it is "my mode." So basically you set your mode genetic to hit of the mode switch will bring up exactly how you like to drive your Mustang. “In my case, I like the track mode for the active exhaust, the sport setting for the throttle control and normal for steering. So that gives me the ability quickly gets my car set it and goes.” Another feature brought back in 2018 is Mustang brought my color back. so you can set your cluster colors in a few different settings

2018 Mustang GT Redesign

You’re to hear about 2018 Mustang GT new sleeker design to give the car more athletic look, as well as the refinement in the inside, in the additional colors and options that are going to be available for personalization for consumers. 2018 Mustang GT also have a whole host of new technologies, in this Mustang starting with an all-new; 12 inch LCD instrument cluster, that's going to give consumers the ability to change the reviews alter the colors, and even have a new mode called my mode, which allow you to save those customization's in the car for each time you get in and get out.

On top of that, 2018 Mustang GT have a new host of driver assist feature from Ford Motor Company that will be implementing on Mustang 2018, including lane departure warning to give you confidence when you're on the road, as well as think connect which will allow you to control the car with your cell phone, where you can lock or unlock and even start your car from anywhere, as long as you have your phone.

2018 mustang gt rear fascia

2018 Mustang GT exterior

There 12 wheels that you can order on Mustang we've got these beautiful black ones, all the way up to polish aluminum these set off this orange fury paint absolutely phenomenally, this is a beautiful color brand new for 2018.

2018 Mustang GT has the characteristic fastback silhouette which have retained, it's got a very muscular rear hunch which is very beautiful. When you come to the rear of the car, Mustang has two new spoilers to work with the new splitters on the front of the car for aerodynamic efficiency and down force. 2018 Mustang GT completely reworked the tail lamps in the rear fascia and the rear valence on the car as well, so it still has the Mustang tri-bar tail lamps with a more technical appearance with campers on the front the bottom of the lamps, and also the sequential turn that such an iconic Mustang characteristic.

2018 Mustang GT Engine

2018 Mustang GT have a bunch of new performance features. Starting with standard engine the 2.3 liter EcoBoost, you will see an increase in torque are 5-liter v8 will get, an increase in both horsepower and torque. Optional on those two engines Mustang have an all-new 10 speed transmission that will be improving both your efficiency as well as your performance with smoother and faster shipping times. 2018 Mustang GT migrated some of technology down for performance product, including the Magnar dampers which were really aid and improving the lateral performance of this car as well as an active a performance exhaust that is really going to give you that signature Mustang growl when you drive down the road.

Mustang really wanted to take the car and make it more athletic, make a leaner and make it meaner, lowered the front grille and got brand new front fascia, got LED headlamp, turn technology the front of the car, augmenting wider mouth Mustang have lowered the hood about 20 millimeters, this does a couple of things for Mustang not only does it give a more aggressive appearance on the front end, but it also gives a sleeker silhouette better aerodynamics and from a driver cockpit standpoint. Thanks for reading 2018 Mustang GT news.

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