2018 Honda Odyssey Minivan Redesign, Price, Sale Date


2018 Honda Odyssey- The Honda Odyssey has been a favorite of ours for years, and this new generation built on a lot of the qualities we already loved. Minivans are all about hauling around a lot of people and stuff.

2018 Honda Odyssey White

2018 Honda Odyssey Redesign

This redesign makes doing both too easy getting in and out is a cinch with large doors and low steps both front and rear. The second row seat is roomy for three and this van has a neat trick, it can slide the second row seat sideways which helps to get to the spacious third row. As in most minivans you can maximize cargo space 2018 Honda Odyssey by folding the third row or removing the second row seats to accommodate bulky items.

2018 Honda Odyssey rear

2018 Honda Odyssey and Features

2018 Honda Odyssey also includes a hands-free kick to lift feature on the rear liftgate that's standard on higher trim. No matter what row you're sitting in the cabin of the Odyssey is comfortable and well finished. Rear passengers get powered USB ports for charging gadgets; deep seat sockets a handy mini pocket, perfect for a cell phone and their own temperature controls. higher trims also include a fold down screen for watching video from either a Blu-ray slot up front and HDMI port in the second row or stream it straight from your device through available in car Wi-Fi.

2018 Honda Odyssey interior

2018 Honda Odyssey Interior

New to the Odyssey is a cab and watch camera system which gives you a view of what's going on in the back seats displayed on the in dash monitor. Parents may like the ability to check in on little ones more easily. Don’t worry drivers you'll be comfortable too, there is plenty of legroom for both people up front and the wide seats are well padded. Even with all this roominess there are still plenty of places to store all your stuff. Controls are well-designed. Climate functions get the sleek line of hard buttons and borrowed elite model came with vibrant touchscreen. It responsive and has helpful shortcuts for common menu functions but some of us found it to be a bit of a reach for the driver. Unfortunately 2018 Honda Odyssey decided to include this multi switch push-button shifter instead of a more traditional design. While it might save space it forces you to take additional time to find the right button to get the gear you want. We think shifting gears shouldn't require so much thought.

2018 Honda Odyssey front

2018 Honda Odyssey Price and Sale Date

Despite the shifter design Honda found the new transmission in the Odyssey to be smooth and refined with quick shifts, that smoothness carries over to the ride it hides most bumps and road intersections and it's quieter in size in your typical minivan and for its size the odyssey feels responsive in return we wouldn't exactly say it's sporty but you'll feel a certain nimbleness cruising around the neighborhood on the safety front Honda replaced. The right side view only Lane watch system with a blind spot monitoring system, automatic emergency braking and forward collision warning, are now standard on all but the base trim. But we think they should be standard on every car. 2018 Honda Odyssey goes on sale at the end of May 2017 it starts at about $30,000 and tops out at about $47,000. Read more 2017 Honda S2000 Release Date, Redesign, Interior