2018 Lincoln Continental Interior, Price, and Release Date


Are you looking for the best middle size car? Middle size car from Lincoln is the best choice. In the next year, there will be the new product from Lincoln. 2018 Lincoln Continental is the most anticipated middle size car for the next year market. Like its predecessor, it has best specs and luxurious design. This new Lincoln Continental has a strong, luxurious vibe. You can go around with this best sedan car. So, what's new on the new Lincoln Continental? Just check this out!

2018 Lincoln Continental concept


2018 Lincoln Continental Interior

For the first, let's take a look at its design. Lincoln comes to be the most luxurious sedan. There will be the greatest features and performance. From the interior, the new 2018 Lincoln Continental has dramatically changed from its predecessor. Moreover, there will be so many high technology features. The new features in this Lincoln Continental are Harman's sound which has 19 presenter music system. With this feature, you will get the best audio in Lincoln. Completing this item, there is also a device can be connected directly to your iPod. Since the new Lincoln has the best technology, there will be the greatest touch-screen show.

2018 Lincoln Continental inside

Still, for an interior, 2018 Lincoln Continental is the luxurious car with the high-quality materials. There will be the natural leather as the materials of every seat in Lincoln Continental. There is also a prediction that the new Lincoln will come along with more than 50 patents pending for each different systems. As the best performance, the seats of Lincoln Continental provide the changeable, heated up, and even rubbing in some 30 methods. You can imagine how great this middle size be, right? Not only that, it will be greater with the best performance of its engine.

2018 Lincoln Continental interior passenger

2018 Lincoln Continental Price

Since 2018 Lincoln Continental will come as the best luxurious car, so there will be a high greatest performance of its engine. As like as its interior, there will be the different change for engine power. It will have 3 EcoBoost engine. For the best performance, it will have 3.7 liters with V6 as the first option. There will also EcoBoost V6 in 3.5 liters. Then, 2018 Lincoln Continental also has two other variants as the front sides as well as the tire push. Along with this features, the price of new Lincoln will be different from the previous or even its predecessor. The new Lincoln Continental has price starts $60.000. The price might increase or even decrease. However, this price is even affordable that the prediction before.

2018 Lincoln Continental rear

2018 Lincoln Continental Release Date

Although 2018 Lincoln Continental has not been released yet, it has been shown in the first year of 2017. Some expected that it would be officially released right a year after. This new Lincoln will issue in the next year market, precisely in the first section of 2018. It means that you have to wait until the next year to get this beautiful middle size car. As far, it is the most affordable luxurious with high class features middle car.

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