Mercedes CLS 2018 Interior, Specs, Release Date


Every year the number of car buyers is getting increased. This make many car industries compete in producing cars with great design, features, and technologies. Almost all car industries each year will update and improve their products or make several changes to it with new technologies. Mercedes Benz, one of great and popular car industries, always did it to its products every year.

Mercedes CLS 2018 front

For 2018 models, Mercedes has ready for its new cars. The new 2018 Mercedes Cls is one of Mercedes’ new cars that are mostly awaited for the car lovers. Mercedes gives several changes and improvements with new design, and add some new features. Curious about what 2018 Mercedes Cls look like? Here we provide you several information of 2018 Mercedes Cls.


The 2018 Mercedes Cls comes with new engine which is greater than previous. The new CLS will have same engine just like the new E-Class. Even it is still a rumor; some car experts stated that a 4.0 L V8 Biturbo will be equipped for this new CLS.  With this engine, it can reach up to 604 horsepower just like the E 63 S. Moreover, a V6 engine can be optimal in the automaker. It also will available on regular, diesel, or gasoline choice.

Mercedes CLS 2018 interior


The new 2018 Mercedes Cls is actually tiny exclusive car. From the exterior, it will give elegant impression to the owner. Just from the exterior, this new CLS will certainly grab any eye of people who see it. There will be some redesigned for bumper, the LED lights, and the wheels. This new CLS is the third generation for Mercedes CLS.  The new CLS will have the same platform, MRA, just like the E-Class, S-Class and C-Course version. Moreover, Mercedes also will provide with several choice of trim: AMG, AMG S, and Sport. The power is also will be improved up to 600 BHP.

A new headlamp named Digital Light also becomes a rumor that will be added for this new cls. For the headlight, Mercedes will add a LED system. This system will use a chip with over a million micro-mirrors. Still focus with the lights, Mercedes will split it into miniscule pixels, so the headlamp will be functioned like high definition projector. Moreover, Mercedes will provide this car with new technologies like Bluetooth, USB, rear camera, and other advanced technologies.

Mercedes CLS 2018 rear


The release date of this new 2018 Cls is still a rumor and Mercedes has not confirmed yet about the real date. However, some people predict it will be released soon this year in the late of 2017, and will be sold in the market in the beginning of 2018. For the price, Mercedes also has not confirmed and talk about it. However, several car experts said it will be sold around £70.000 or more. If you are interested buying this new CLS model, it will be so much better if you check it first on Mercedes official site. Be ready for this new great CLS! thanks for reading Mercedes CLS 2018 interior, specs, release date and read more 2018 Subaru WRX and STI review



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