2018 New Opel Corsa Release, Specs, Price


The upcoming 2018 New Opel Corsa belongs to the super-mini sector. And this sector is one of the most competitive in car industry. That’s why the manufacture of this car is already developing the new Corsa although the lasts model was launched back in 2014. This car will likely beat the all-new Ford Fiesta, the new SEAT Ibiza, and the next VW Polo, so the expectation of this car is high. The new 2018 Corsa is the fifth generation version of super-mini which appears to have undergone a full change that aimed at making it more practical and also larger. But it still heavily covered the possibility to make out the new face.

2018 New Opel Corsa

2018 New Opel Corsa Exterior

The car’s body is covered by white vinyl covers and a thick layer of spotted black. And we can still see the styling in the previous model which the similar headlights that peeks trough the heavy camouflage. The car is expected to feature with a pair of broad brake lights and a slim grille. But its stylish line make this car become of a boxy shape and more practical.

The overall change of wheelbase in the new Corsa is very clear that we can see it is significantly longer than the previous model. Although the bonnet and front are shorter and overhang, but they help the Corsa to maintain its compact dimensions.

2018 New Opel Corsa interior

2018 New Opel Corsa Interior

Unfortunately, there is no images or official statement regarding to the interior of this car. But the insiders expect the interior for the new Corsa will feature the dashboard design that inspired by the latest model of Astra. The entertainment system is heavily revised. It should be offered in mid-range model along with sat nav functions and Corsa’s OnStar personal assistant for the infotainment system. As for the top-specs versions, it will come with a plusher selection of materials and heated seat. Isn’t it amazing?

2018 New Opel Corsa Engine Spec

The manufacture make changes for the new Corsa. The car undergone a significant diet. The aluminum is used extensively to replace the conventional steel. This change should help the new super-mini weigh less significantly than the previous model. As the result, the acceleration and fuel economy of the engine should be improved as well.

2018 New Opel Corsa rear quarter

The engine is expected to get a few option upgrades that will replace the existing car’s fuel-sipping diesel and its range of perky patrol. The new car can reach 62mph in less than 9 seconds by using a more powerful 1.4-litre turbocharged unit. And you can experience the return of a compact 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol.

2018 New Opel Corsa Price and Release Date

There is no official statement about the price and release date of the new Corsa. But many insiders expect this car will go on sale in 2018 after a motor show appearance in 2017. So you can expect this car will hit the market in early 2018. As for the price, you have to pay £10,000 for entry-level versions and £20,000 for range-topping models.



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