2018 Subaru Impreza Changes, Price and Review


The compact Impreza sedan and hatchback are two of the most important vehicles that Subaru sells in the United States. So for 2017, they redesigned the entire vehicle. In this review, we'll be talking about the 2017 and the 2018 Subaru Impreza. The only real difference for 2018 is a very slight price increase because again this is an all-new vehicle. For 2017 not only does this car get an all-new and more premium interior. They've also touched every aspect of the car. Thanks to an all-new suspension design and a body that is 70% more rigid, the outgoing model handling has dramatically improved. And that's a good thing because what we see here is going to be the basis for all of the new Subaru models that we'll be seeing in U.S. in the coming few years.

2018 subaru impreza sedan

The All-New 2018 SUbaru Impreza Review

In addition to that Subaru has moved production for all Impreza models sold in the United States. So they'll all be made in the US as well when redesigning the Impreza. Subaru decided to keep the design language very similar to the out going model. So the 2018 Subaru Impreza instantly recognizable as a Subaru.

When you move around to the side of the Impreza, you'll notice something different between the 2018 Subaru Impreza and a Toyota Corolla or a 2018 Honda Civic. We have a much longer hood regarding the overall proportion of the body much Like the average European luxury car. The engine placement in this vehicle is more similar to what we find in rear wheel drive vehicles. That have meant that some Subaru models have less interior room for the exterior size of the car.that have meant That some Subaru models have less interior room for the exterior size of the car. But the 2017 and 2018 Subaru Impreza improve on that. And we have class-leading interior room even though has the long hood profile.

2018 subaru impreza hatchback rear three quarter

The 2018 Subaru Impreza sedan comes in at 182 inches long meaning it's just about the same size as a Honda Civic, definitely longer than like a 2018 Hyundai Elantra. But the 2018 Subaru Impreza hatchback version falls sort of in the middle of this segment at 175.6 inches long. That puts this right about the same size as a 2018 Mazda 3 notably shorter than the Honda Civic. The important thing to remember is that like most hatchback and sedan. Pairs the amount of interior room especially legroom is identical between the sedan and the hatchback. Headroom does tend to change just a little bit. Because of the square profile that we find in most hatchbacks. but leg room seat etc.

But there's lots of debate about Boxer or engines. Inline Boxer engines tend to be a little bit heavier than the average inline engine. But they do Drive that weight a little bit lower in the vehicle. Because they're relatively flat and a little bit closer to the ground. The other advantage to a Boxer engine is overall engine length. Because the engine and transmission arranged in this vehicle very much like the Audi Quattro system that we find in the A4 A5 A6 etc.

2018 subaru impreza rear view

And then behind that, we have a long de transmission with the all-wheel-drive system integrated into the transmission case. And there is no transfer case and separate front differential case everything is jammed right inside that transmission module.  That means that a Subaru was to use an inline engine the hood. Would have to be an awful lot longer to accommodate an engine that would be almost twice as long at the moment.

Thereis just one engine under the hood for the United States, it is a 2-liter model, and it produces 152 horsepower and 145-pound feet of torque. It is combined with your choice of a 5-speed manual transmission in the base models or a continuously variable transmission, that you'll find standard in the upper-level trims. But a little bit different than some of Subaru,s previous all-wheel drive systems.

2018 subaru impreza changes

To the front seat, comfort comes in at seven out of ten for most models. That's because we don't find a power seat until we get to that top and limited trim. We don't have adjustable lumbar support either. Although we do have a tilt telescopic steering column with a decent range of motion that's not too surprising. Of course, because we do get a standard all-wheel drive in every Impreza model. And the cost of that all the drive system has to come from somewhere.

Subaru has been working extremely hard to reduce the cost of their all-wheel drive system. So they can give you a vehicle with very few compromises. But I think that the lack of a power seat especially in mid-level trims is still one of the compromises that we do see.

2018 subaru impreza cabin

In the cabin now that said the seat is still comfortable for my six-foot frame. Although I could wish for a little bit more lumbar support, it's just not as adjustable as we find in mid-level trims of the competition. You may have a little bit more difficulty finding an ideal driving position in this vehicle than in some of those competitors. But we do again get that standard all of the drive systems.

If you want a more adjustable seat, you can't step on up to that limited trim. And of course get the power driver's seat moving to the rear seats. That score jumps up to 10 out of 10 points because we have a very generous amount of room. In the Impreza 79.6 of combined legroom and that is front row plus the second row puts this towards the top of the category.

2018 subaru impreza interior

It's noticeable if I sit behind, where I have about 4.5-inches of legroom left also. To that, we also have a very generous 37.1-inches of headroom even though we do have the model with the optional sunroof. That means that even if I sit very upright in the back seat, my hair is not touching the ceiling. However, there is a little bracket on the center head rest to help focus it in the seat cargo capacity. Is, of course, the big reason that you'd buy the 2018 Subaru Impreza hatchback over the 2018 Subaru Impreza sedan. We get 20.8 cubic feet of storage back which is enough to fit for 24-inch roller bags.

Cargo capacity is one of the areas that we see a little bit of compromise in the Impreza versus some of the other entries in this segment. And that's likely to do with the overall design of the vehicle especially that boxer engine up front. Because you will find about 25% larger room in a Honda Civic hatchback versus the Impreza hatchback or something like a Nissan Sentra sedan versus the Impreza sedan.

2018 subaru impreza front seats

The front doors made from a combination of materials. We have hard plastics lower on the door around the speaker grille and the bottle holder. We have a soft touch armrest. There's also a soft touch injection molded sill for the door and then a fabric panel between the sill and the armrests the trim that we see on the doors. The dashboard is the imitation carbon fiber as we see in other Subaru models.

If you get one of the top trims of 2018 Subaru Impreza. Then that display is replaced by a full-color LCD below. We find a standard 6.5 inch LCD infotainment system that now features apple car play and Android auto standard. In addition to that, we have some vehicle integrated apps like Pandora. As with other vehicles that feature standard smartphone integration. Mostly means that all Impreza models come standard with factory navigation. If you have an attached smartphone, the display is not as large as the optional display that we find in some of the competition but it is fairly large for a standard display.

2018 subaru impreza hatchback pictures

Beneath that, we have a power volume knob a tuned scroll button. And then we can press and hold it to get the sound adjustments for the system. There's a direct access button for apps, phone, radio, and media. Below the infotainment system, we find the controls for the single manual zone climate control system and a storage cubby where you can very quickly put large smartphones.

On the other hand that we find a relatively traditional console shifter drive us all the way. Down towards the driver manual mode over to the left and then you shift with the paddles on the back of the steering wheel. Between the front seats, we find a traditional hand brake the controls, for the heated seats, cup holders and then a storage compartment which opens with a little lever. And that's where we find the USB input, auxiliary input, and a 12-volt power port.

2018 subaru impreza colors

In addition to a small storage cubby where you could put wallets keys. On the driver's side, we have an easy-to-read instrument cluster with a large speedometer, a large tachometer. But there's no engine temperature readout we simply get a light for hot or cold.

For the adaptive cruise control system, this uses the twin camera system that's above the rear-view mirror. The new 2018 Subaru Impreza gets Subaru's latest eyesight system which uses two cameras. One over on the left side and one over on the right side.

This module has shrunk considerably since eyesight first launched in the United States. The cameras look at the road ahead, and it uses both cameras to give the vehicle depth perception very much. Determines how far it is from the vehicle in front of you, allowing that adaptive cruise control functionality or the autonomous braking and collision warning system. It'll also read the lane lines and give you lane departure warning information which you can enable or disable. You can also turn off the collision warning with the button on the right. The SOS and eyesight buttons are part of Subarus integrated telematics system. Because of the weight the standard all-wheel drive system and the amount of power we have underneath the hood. This model takes nine seconds to go from 0 to 60 that is on the slow end for the compact sedan or compact hatchback category something.

2018 subaru impreza hatchback front three quarter

Like a turbocharged Honda Civic will do it in 6.6, that's on the swift end of the mainstream entries. This is right about the same as a Nissan Sentra. But most versions of the Mazda 3 or even the Toyota Corolla will do it faster. One of the significant changes for the new generation of 2018 Impreza is the way that they have decided to tune the continuously variable transmission under they've. This imitate a 7-speed automatic transmission under most driving circumstances. Unless you're driving this car very gently out on the road or you're maintaining a particular speed up a hill, it's going to feel more like a step telematics.

Subaru tells us that that's because most drivers seem to prefer that more typical automatic transmission feel. But it means the transmission is being a little bit less efficient both in acceleration and fuel economy. Then it could otherwise be in our braking test we ran from 60 miles an hour back to zero in 124 feet which are good for this segment.

2018 subaru impreza in motion

The new 2018 Subaru Impreza starts at $18,495 for the base two point I sedan model. You get the five-speed manual transmission. But you do get the standard all-wheel drive, and that is what makes the Impreza unique in this segment. The other thing that makes the Impreza unique is that we can get the hatchback in that base trim and the hatchback premium is only $500.

This is one of the smallest up sells to turn your sedan into a hatchback that we see in America. It's also worth noting that all Impreza models now get standard Apple Car Play and Android auto and the 6.5-inch infotainment system.

If you get the top-end trims, we do get a larger 8-inch screen. That is one of the larger ones that we see in the compact sedan and compact hatchback segment. As you look at the chart in front of you, it's worth noting that all models of the Impreza use the same tire width which is a two of five with tire pretty standard in the compact sedan and compact hatchback segment except for the sports model.

2018 subaru impreza redesign

According to the EPA fuel economy should drop by 1 mile per gallon if you get the hatchback. But not real-world tests, they're essentially the same. Obviously, there's no free lunch by giving us the standard all-wheel drive system. We do find fewer features in the Impreza than we find in some of the competition. However, Subaru has been incredibly aggressive at trying to this. And as a result, the base Impreza does end up being one of the best values in the compact sedan segment it may not have the lowest base price.

But its base price is very competitive with the two-wheel drive competition. And of course, there are still a few compromises. You won't find to zone automatic climate control until the very top end trim, there's no standard auto braking system that we believe in some of the competitors. No standard radar adaptive cruise control like we find in the Toyota Corolla.

On the other hand, if you're looking for one of the least expensive all-wheel drive vehicles in America. The Subaru Impreza is one of them. And also as I said is an excellent value that moves us along to our pros and cons. obviously standard all-wheel drive is a definite pro. For the Impreza, an inexpensive hatchback upgrade is also a strong selling point.

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