Subaru XV 2017 Australia Interior, Specs, Review


The new Subaru XV 2017 has arrived in Australia and it looks just like the old one but a lot has changed for starters. This car is now more aerodynamic. What else is new?

Subaru XV 2017 Australia Rear Three Quarter

Subaru XV 2017 Changes

The Subaru XV 2017 this is a completely new generation XV. The platform it sits on is Subaru new global platform, which should totally change the way it drives and feels the engine completely overhauled  from the piston rings up, the ground clearance stays the same at 220 millimeters which is very high. But somehow Subaru magicians have lowered the center of mass by five millimeters for better handling. Now the Subaru XV 2017 has a headlights are sleeker, the grille is darker and the taillights now extend into the tailgate.

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Subaru XV 2017 Australia Front Three Quarter

Subaru XV 2017 Interior

Now you can see that the windscreen better. the wheelbase has been lengthened, and that means more leg room in the back. I have a height of 191 centimeters in driving position I've got enormous amounts of space right there. But the most important thing I like about the cabin changed.

Subaru XV 2017 Australia Interior

The Subaru XV 2017 has a new touch screen 6.5 inch is more intuitive and much easier to use, this size for basic model. But all come with Apple CarPlay and Android auto. So much has changed in the cabin. From the smaller steering wheel, a better sound system, the more accommodating seats, the center console with new electric handbrake and deep storage bin there's a high-quality feel.

Subaru XV 2017 Australia Rear View in Motion

You also need to know that all Subaru XV are all-wheel-drive. The new XV now comes with X mode. Well how that works? Is when the road is icy or you're on mud or dirt you hit that button, the system combines all-wheel drive the engine and braking to help you keep traction.

There’s also a hill descent control which works going backwards as well we tested it out during the off-road section board, I'm impressed. This is a seedy SUV but all your Drive excellent ground clearance X mode and hill descent make it much better offer than most of its rivals.

Subaru XV 2017 Performance

The all-new Subaru XV 2017 apart from the base bit car come with Subaru isolate safety system, that will stop the car if you're moving at less than 45 kilometers an hour. It’s a great system that's also scary smart it can recognize brake lights. But that strength is also a weakness the system stopped working for us in heavy fog. Because it uses cameras and like eyes they can't see through that stuff.

Subaru XV 2017 Australia Side View in Motion

The top specs gets more standard safety stuff such as blind spot monitoring and a UV which works when you're going backwards. The new generation Subaru XV 2017 finally driven on Australian roads and also the new platform is amazing much more comfortable ride and really good

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