The Best 2017 Sedans under 30K in USA


So that you know, not everyone is a fan of all or 4-wheel-drive traction such as SUV, since SUV can be pricey, large, and bad on gas, some traits that many drivers want to avoid. Knowing that fact, they're looking for the better option which is the sedan that offered with all-wheel drive. We've made a list of best 2017 Sedans under 30K. Although the sedan may not have visibility or clearance of an SUV, they still give you all-weather grip even when the weather gets rough.

Best 2017 Sedan under 30K

2017 Subaru Impreza

2017 Subaru Impreza interior photos

  1. Subaru Impreza

Maybe you're not familiar with the name ‘Subaru Impreza.' This brand is the successor of Suzuki since Suzuki is pretty much dead right now. The Subaru Impreza is carrying the torch of the few sedans that offer an all-wheel-drive option in this generation. And the good thing is that the Impreza doesn’t just offer it, but they also comes in the standard yet useful features. It makes the Impreza pricier than other peers, as the price is starting around $18,500. The price is above the Toyota Corolla which is $17,500. But trust this list, if you are a driver who is on a budget, then the Impreza is one of best choices to consider.

2017 Subaru Legacy blue colors

2017 Subaru Legacy interior photos

  1. Subaru Legacy

Another best 2017 Sedan under 30K option is the Subaru Legacy. Subaru is on fire to make the brand popular. The manufacturer design the only midsize sedan that offers an all-wheel-drive system. Similar with the Impreza one, the Legacy doesn't just provide it. You only pay for $23,000, and you can get a brand-new midsize sedan with standard features on all versions. The price is less than the all-wheel-drive Ford Fusion, but this one is better.Compared to the 2015 model year, this model year is significantly updated. But since the Legacy is known as an excellent all-wheel drive sedan, the 2013 model has many good points. We recommend to check out a used version if you are on the budget so you can get through the winter comfortably. But, please don't expect that you will get a huge discount. An excellent condition of Subaru Legacy that has faced lots of rain or snow still be worth to buy.

2017 ford fusion front three quarter

2017 ford fusion features

  1. Ford Fusion

You can consider Ford Fusion as the best 2017 Sedan under 30K if you have more budget. The price starts from $25,000 for a standard model. This Sedan is loved by many people for its sleek profile. The first Fusion was introduced in 2013, since then the manufacturer refreshes the design and features every year. So, the Fusion has undergone a subtle change. The biggest difference is that the Fusion use rotary knob which use less space to do their job.

2017 mazda 3 front photos

2017 mazda 3 interior and features

  1. Mazda3

Mazda will be the best 2017 Sedan under 30K since the price is only $18,000 and you get the high-class car. Although the price is low, the small car offers high-end features. An advanced set of safety features and luxury interior will accompany your journey. Not to mention that the handle is much better than the Toyota Corolla. Also read The Best SUV under $30,000 2017

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