The Best Car to Buy in 2017: 10 Top Picks of 2017


Best Car to Buy in 2017- Each year we drive some of the quickest, fastest, most luxurious vehicles on the planet tell you which one is best. This year we have a bumper crop of cars from the return of the Acura NSX and the Audi r8 to us finally getting the rally tactic Focus RS in the US. But which car is best for your wallet and your garage, this year the best car to buy in 2017 is the BMW M2, refer to the full review.

bmw m2 of Best Car to Buy in 2017

the Best Car to Buy in 2017

The BMW m2 is proof that despite building the I3 and I8 plug-in hybrids and these big selling SUV. BMW has done everything possible to dial up the 2-series to create the M2. The little bottle rocket does without non performance-enhancing items such as MM covers or a carbon fiber roof or enhance sports seats. But what it does do it has bulging fenders to cover the wide tires and wheels and big brakes. Quad exhaust, sports seats and blue stitching.

2017 bmw m2 interior

Inside are nice touches that send all the right signals. The BMW M2 is all in when it comes to performance. powered by a twin-scroll turbo charged three liter in line six producing 365 horsepower, which is all sent to the rear wheels wrapped in super sticky Michelin super sport tires. BMW offers a dual clutch transmission for this car, skip it give a shit with the six-speed manual transmission with smooth short throws a stubby leather-wrapped shift knob that snakes positively into gear.

Style performance in the M2’s calling car if Sprint's from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4.4 seconds with the manual or 4.2 seconds with the dual clutch. Top speed limited to just 155 miles an hour. Push the start button slide in the first and the M2 basically sends out an invitation to beat the living snot out of it. It just seems if you want to rub it all the way to a 7000 rpm relines. Doing this it makes you remember how BMW builds brilliant power trains.

2017 bmw m2 rear

The M2's handling is in another league on the street and the track. The M2 doesn't need fancy adaptive dampers to controls ride or to connect the points from apex to apex. Steering isn't perfect it's a little too heavy and a little too numb, but the M2 is big brakes are brilliant, no fade and no pulsing after a day of thrashing it through winding mountain roads.

2017 bmw m2 side

Simple and straightforward the M2 doesn't have a dizzying array of performance before. A button changes the steering throttle and stability control through normal sports settings. It just gets more playful and more responsive. that said the M2 isn't perfect because nothing is. The manual shifter has revved matching that doesn't turn off until all the safety systems are disabled. The back seat isn't huge even though the trunk is, there aren't many options either but these are minor things. The M2 starts at just over $52,000 and comes with navigation, I Drive, adaptive cruise control and a forward collision warning system. A fourteen hundred dollar package adds a rear-view camera, wireless phone charging and a Wi-Fi hotspot, along with rear park assist.

BMW built some extreme cars as of late including the i8 in the 7-series. Thanks for reading the best car to buy in 2017 and read more Most Reliable Cars 2017: 10 Top Picks of 2017