Compare the 2017 Toyota Corolla and the 2017 Honda Civic


Compare Civic and Corolla- Compact crossover has an age-old choice between two popular name plates, the Toyota Corolla and the Honda Civic. And we have the latest vintage of both cars, That is 2017 Honda Civic and 2017 Toyota Corolla. Both of these cars are $ 23,000 with destination. So let's take a look at what are you getting one and on the other? But most importantly which one should buy.

compare civic and corolla

Compare Corolla and Civic 2017

Front end of Corolla which is just refresh for the 2017 model year. Is just really bizarre looking just a very big kind of almost dash of an open bumper here just a lot going on. it's a really aggressive look, but what I like up front are the standard LED headlights, and also the LED daytime running lights it has a very distinctive. this thing is in need of a big redesign to get the kind of styling cohesiveness that you find in the Civic.

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The current generation Civic is actually just a really interesting looking car to look at in terms of its profile. a lot of kind of body back here over and around the rear fender, this kind of looks like a hatchback more than a sedan. Civic got a four-cylinder engine a little bit smaller than the Civic engine and i'd say power is adequate. That is 132 horsepower and it feels like a exciting here. The car can be deceiving if it has been very aggressive front styling, and he's very aggressively bolstered seat.

Like a real sport thing and they also have sort of leather or vinyl bolsters with actual cloth down the center. You didn't actually get a real leather seat, but your passengers might think you did because these bolsters which stick out a ton they're obviously quite of some kind of premium material.

compare civic to corolla

While this gets the pass on the function of what we want. Digital portion is just really not up to the Civic. Pretty much a lot of small cars these days even offer apple car play android auto to Smartphone integration systems you plug in you either android or apple iPhone, and they work immediately.

The Civic now has a whopping 150 horsepower, but of course all about horsepower that transmission makes a huge. CVT are the same and I’m going to say the Civic really does a lot with the power that it has just have, makes you feel like you're actually doing something with your right foot, in terms of getting the Reds to change and this much more fun to drive. The basement so 2.0 liter option of a turbocharged 1.5 liter.

a touch screen in our test car reasonably responsive in terms of just getting around the menus and stuff, but there aren't actually any physical buttons next to the screen instead you get all this capacitive touch junk right here like a volume slider there's capacitive touch buttons for a bunch of other shortcuts there's no tuning not.

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Know now there is a workaround you have the volume thumb wheel on the steering wheel and that very quickly, you swipe it fast and then you slice it again in the volume. So not because the need for that actually I think it works fine.

The interior as a whole is just a lot more impressive and visual dashboard is the highlight. 2017 Toyota Corolla has a traditional analog tachometer and speedometer. Now the Corolla certainly has some value things going. for it first of all those safety features. That forward collision warning, lane keep assist. All that stuff is actually standard now in the 2017 Toyota Corolla. And you get two three years of maintenance.

For $ 23,000 it's your money, what are you going to spend it on? I don't know I got to say I think the civic still has more utility better quality. So for my money, I think I'm going for the Honda Civic 2017. Thanks for reading compare Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic and read more The Best Luxury Sports Cars under 50k in USA