Consumer Reports Top 10 Cars 2017 in Every Category


Consumer Reports top 10 cars 2017 - Consumer Reports is good at many things, providing reports to consumers being but one example. And one such report is its annual list of the best cars trucks and SUVs on the market. So let's take a look at Consumer Reports top 10 cars 2017

Consumer Reports top 10 cars for 2017

The Scion brand may have been shuttered but the iA lives on under the Toyota banner. And the Yaris iA are is being ushered in on a positive note claiming top honors in the subcompact car category.

2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata

Consumer Reports gives the Mazda develop model credit for feeling refined beyond the entry level class, and featuring a fairly compliant ride. Nestled under the hood is a smooth and willing 1.5 liters engine that comes paired to the choice of 6-speed manual or automatic transmissions, both of which proved pretty economical overall. Giving the iA a great value is a full-featured infotainment system and standard low speed automatic emergency braking. While it's well tuned steering and eager handling makes it a surprisingly fun drive.

2017 Chevy Cruze category of Consumer Reports Top 10 Cars

Consumer reports says the redesigned Chevy Cruze is the best compact car of 2017, beating out more popular choices like the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla. Praise was heaped on the smooth sedan for its hushed ride and roomy interior as well as its polished and peppy turbo engine. Consumer Reports also netted an impressive 47 miles per gallon on the highway, although overall economy during its testing dip 230 miles per gallon combined which is close to its advertised average.

We saw similar results back in January when we drove the hatchback version of the Chevy Cruze to the Detroit Auto Show, with our tester returning a combined average of 31 mpg over 500 miles on a set of much-needed winter tires.

2017 Toyota Prius

It comes as little surprised to see the Toyota Prius on this list, but it's time at the top may soon be over with Hyundai Ionic hybrid hitting the market this year. It has all the ingredients to go head-to-head with the Prius, but this thing is still King and Consumer Reports found just a few reasons why. They’re testing saw the gas electric sedan returned a combined average of 52 miles per gallon overall. Which is the highest Consumer Reports has ever recorded in a car without a plug. Not surprisingly the Prius received high marks for its reliability something Toyota has traditionally been known for

This latest generation model has also had its cabin noise reduced as well as its ride comfort and handling improved. There’s a good reason automotive enthusiasts love the Mazda MX-5 Miata. Despite having pretty modest output the Miata is an absolute blast to drive a trend that continues in the 2017 model year. But this thing's about more than just fun and the little roadster can be pretty economical too.

Consumer Reports says it returned an average of 34 mpg overall, which is better than the compact Cruze though far from the 41 miles per gallon we managed to squeeze out of the retractable hardtop version not long ago. this year's best midsize sedan isn't the Honda Accord or Toyota Camry with both of those extremely popular models being bested by the Kia Optima in 2017.

Consumer Reports credited the optimist responsive handling steady ride and pleasant power train with earning the win as well as its easy-to-use controls and roomy back seat. Add in Kia's outstanding warranty coverage and it's easy to see why cars like the Optima are becoming real contenders in segments dominated by Japanese automakers.

When it comes to larger sedans the Chevy Impala easily made its way onto Consumer Reports list thanks to its premium like ride quality and impressive handling chops for its size. It also impressed thanks to its intuitive controls comfy seats and roomy trunk, cementing it as a top choice for geriatrics everywhere.

2017 Subaru Forester

Consumer Reports says the Subaru Forester is its top pick for best small sport utility and we couldn't agree more. There isn't a whole lot the Forester doesn't do well with tons of interior space and a car like ride that's also rigid when it needs to be.

Consumer Reports says the Subaru Forester is its top pick for best small sport utility and we couldn't agree more. There isn't a whole lot the Forester doesn't do well with tons of interior space and a car like ride that's also rigid when it needs to be.

The Forester has also proved to be pretty reliable over the years while its safety record keeps getting better as the brand beefs up its eyesight suite of features. The Yaris iA and Prius weren't the only Toyota's to take home top honors this year with the Highlander earning the nod in the midsize SUV segment.

The Highlander receives high marks in all sorts of measurable including overall performance, fuel economy, long-term, reliability, all-weather traction and interior space. Helping make its case even stronger for 2017 was an update that added more power to its engine as well as new standard safety features.

Of all the SUVs Consumer Reports tested this year its top luxury pick for 2017 was the highest scoring of them all. That honor of course belongs to the seven passengers Audi Q7, which drives a lot more like a luxury sedan than a sport utility. The cabin is quiet and has all the luxury amenities you'd expect from an Audi with premium trimmings and road trip friendly seats.

2017 Honda Ridgeline

Last but not least is the most contentious choice of them all, Consumer Reports top midsize pickup of 2017. And it wasn't the new Tacoma that earned top honors or GM Canyon and Colorado twins, no! it was the Honda Ridgeline that was named the best truck of the year in this segment.

Get past the complaints that it isn't a real pickup which it is by the way, and it was the Ridgeline car like ride and handling that won the day. If you have any complaints about this list well don't take them up with us because we didn't make them but be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section below. Thanks for reading Consumer Reports top 10 cars and read more The Best Car to Buy in 2017: 10 Top Picks of 2017

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