Most Reliable Cars 2017: 10 Top Picks of 2017


Most reliable cars 2017- Buying a new car can bring you modern safety features, better fuel economy, or the latest infotainment gadgets. But buyers also hope that it brings them freedom from breakdowns and repairs. Thanks to subscriber responses covering more than a half a million vehicles, here's the list of most reliable cars 2017.

2017 lexus ls

Where does Problems Generally crop up?

Infotainment systems add a lot of convenience. But when they're done wrong they could bring a big hassle. This hit Honda hard especially with the new Civic. Some advanced transmission designs which aim to improve fuel economy have also proven troublesome. These include the Nissan Pathfinder and Infiniti QX60 s continuously variable transmissions, and the dual clutch automatic in the Ford Focus and Fiesta.  So which brands are the most reliable cars 2017? There is Asian name plates continue to dominate the rankings taking 8 of the top 10 spots.

toyota camry of Most Reliable Cars 2017

The New Most Reliable Cars 2017

Toyota and Lexus are number one and two respectively topping the survey for the fourth year in a row. All Lexus models in our survey ranked above average. We'd say the same about Toyota, except a redesigned Tacoma pickup truck fell below average.

Here’s a surprise the third most reliable brand isn't Japanese and it is in German. It's GM Buick, whose rank was boosted by the brand's fleet of relatively mature designs that have their bugs worked out. Mind you, newly introduced models like the Envision and the redesigned Lacrosse might affect this ranking next year.

2017 buick regal

Number four the most reliable cars 2017 is Audi, which has been enjoying years of above average reliability. Even their new Q3 and Q7 SUV did well.

Rounding out the top five brands is Kia. As we've seen time after time, Kia products are typically more reliable than those from their sister company Hyundai. But neither brand had a car that fell below average.

What Brands are at the Bottom?

For the first time this year with two models in our survey, we can rank Tesla's brand reliability and it wasn't great. Model S reliability returned to average. But the Model X was one of the worst cars in our survey. It’s over complicated motorized Falcon wing doors deserve much of the blame. Finally Fiat, Chrysler once again struggles to build reliable cars. Dodge, Chrysler, Fiat and take the last four spots. no Fiat or Ram product managed to even hit average in our survey for much more unreliability including exclusive reliability scores. Thanks for reading most reliable cars 2017 , For other the best car models, also read  the best luxury sports cars under 50k in USA