2018 Volkswagen Polo Release Date, Interior, Specs


The all-new 2018 Volkswagen Polo defines a completely new level for subcompact cars. Almost in the middle of 2017 you are probably noticing Volkswagen brand is speeding up. Volkswagen has started launching the most extensive product campaign in almost every month. Now this Company will be presenting a new car 2018 Volkswagen Polo that means more than 10 new models worldwide only in 2017 in Europe.

2018 Volkswagen Polo Front Three Quarter

The All-New 2018 Volkswagen Polo

The small car segment is highly important. In 2016 the world market for small cars amounted to 7.5 million units, and the market will continue to grow. Above all in the growing markets like Brazil, India, Russia and South Africa small cars play a very important role worldwide. And Polo is a key player in this segment and a strong pillar of the Volkswagen brand since 1975, and you've seen the first models outside. Since 1975 Company have brought 5 Polo generations, Volkswagen have produced and sold more than 14 million units, and in terms of sales.

The 2018 Volkswagen Polo is second model besides the Volkswagen Golf. And it is the market leader in its segment. Both invest in Europe and in China. The story behind the polo is quite simple. It stands for all the well known Volkswagen values. It’s a car for everyone a classless car; it is a benchmark for technology and performance in its class it provides safety, comfort performance, fuel efficiency for every day and it offers great for money, maintaining high residual values. And the new 2018 Volkswagen polo is reaching out even for more.

2018 Volkswagen side

As you know Volkswagen is determined to be the leading volume manufacturer in terms of technology, quality and design. And that is why Volkswagen has developed the most advanced small car ever. Thanks to the innovative MQB platform, the new 2018 Volkswagen Polo offers the same technology that you know from the Volkswagen Golf. The Polo from now on plays in a higher league. It is safer, it is even more fun to drive, and it is equipped with more it gives more space for all passengers and the luggage. It is equipped with more digital features than any other small car. And the design is much more dynamic and emotional. With that, we think the new 2018 Volkswagen Polo will set new standards in the small car segment. And will bring new customers in gain market share in a highly competitive market.

2018 Volkswagen Polo Engine

The design is much more dynamic and powerful the proportions, help a lot the wheel base is longer the car looks better and is more fun to drive. Have to say much more fun to drive than the predecessor. The Polo is much more digital as well, for example it is the only small car that offers a fully digital cockpit, and the Polo comes with a whole range of different engines. Very important Polo fuel efficient diesel engines are equipped from now on with the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) and Catalytic Converters, the latest generation of gasoline engines will soon be fitted with particle filters as well. And Volkswagen Polo are offering is a first in this Polo a natural gas powertrain which is unique in this small car segment.

The all-new Polo brings leading innovations to the subcompact class. The Polo is equipped as standard with front assist and pedestrian morning to help avoid accidents. The Polo offers a new user experience digital and individual for greater driving pleasure with every mile you travel. Smart sustainability with a new generation of TSI, TDI and TGI engines for dynamic performance.

The 2018 Volkswagen Polo also have a new 1.5L engine, 4-cylinder with 150 horsepower, you heard of that Volkswagen had this presentation on that new all-new engine, couple of months ago. And you probably wonder what is the engine of the GTI this is a 2-liter engine delivering 200 horsepower? This is the right thing you need for a GTI.

2018 Volkswagen rear three quarter

On the other hand, the range of system is rounded off by two 1.6 liter diesel engines. They are delivering respectively 95 horsepower, and both of them are fitted with the SCR catalytic converter which is another word premiere in that class. As mentioned before the all-new 2018 Volkswagen Polo also will be available with a new TDI engine.  Power it comes with 87 grams Co2 that delivers 90 horsepower. It’s efficient yet dynamic and turbocharged that in average consume 3.1 kilograms of natural gas.

2018 Volkswagen Polo Interior

First of all what is important for the customer on the first glance is the design. You have more interior space than ever before and then most and more interior space than any competitor in that class. The Polo is just over four meters long, so a little bit longer than before but still in the four meter class. We may have noticed from us perspective is almost 7 centimeters wider. And this is important while you sit in the car. The wheel base is also much bigger and also the wheel diameter, the height of the new polo on the other side has been slightly decreased, and this as a total results in much more dynamic proportions.

2018 Volkswagen interior seats

The Headroom inside that car is much bigger, on the front seat you have the 15 millimeters more Headroom, and on the rear seat you have more than 2 centimeters more even although the car is smaller.

2018 Volkswagen Polo Trunk Space

The Headroom is important but legroom is interesting as well. So especially also on the second row you have definitely much more legroom because of the wheel base to increased. The luggage room is increased it to in 25 percent. In real numbers Polo reach more than 350 litters now. This is what you compare it more or less to the Volkswagen Golf class. This is 70 liters more than before and that really defies vehicle class boundaries to that.

2018 Volkswagen Polo Infotainment System

Next topic is the equipment the technical equipment inside the car. The customers get the equipment the functionality, the connectivity and spy they want, with different views in screens and with an amazing graphics. The whole Polo high-end cockpit gives us a taste of a new era of simple controls which is important. An era in which using digital technology and connectivity is more intuitive than ever. The dashboard a new layout, the infotainment system display is the centerpiece of this digital world. The touchscreen which is goes up to 8-inches in diameter is now positioned right at the top of the dashboard. So it provides perfect visibility and ergonomics.

2018 Volkswagen the steering weel

Back to the systems, Polo have a long range and a long list of assistance systems the most of them you know from Golf or Tiguan. All-new 2018 Volkswagen Polo will offer even the basic model with front assist traffic monitoring system. This is including the system city emergency braking and pedestrian monitoring system.

If you choose a higher line than Trend Line, also the driver alert system is included as a standard. Through the driver assistance systems are available, at reasonable prices in that car. I give you an example this adaptive cruise control for example. This system automatically keeps the car at is set speed. The Polo also equipped with the dual clutch gearbox, this even remains active in a stop-and-go traffic.

2018 Volkswagen Polo Price and Release Date

You will be probably wondering about the price of the new 2018 Volkswagen Polo. In Germany the Polo will start at €12,975. And this is quite impressing for what you get here. What you get from this price is an engine one of nine different engines. They will be for 1-liter engine they range from 65 to 115 horsepower. The new Polo comes to the market as a full family, you will get diesel engines (TDI), gasoline engines (TSI)), natural gas engines (TGI) and of course 2018 Volkswagen Polo will also come with a new GTI. And the official premiere of the Volkswagen Polo GTI will take place later this year. The Volkswagen Polo will enter new markets in South America as well it is a major building block.


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